Hi, we are
Second Brief
One of the most experienced VR/AR/Metaverse teams in the world
We work with the world's most complex 3D cases and have completed over 300 projects for our clients in the US, EU, MENA, Southeast

By 2022, we've won 5 international awards, made many world-first 360 stuff, and made the world's first digital influencer flight attendant.
We also work as a back office for VR companies around the world under NDA.
Alex Vasutin
We have experience at all stages of VR/AR/NFT projects creation:
Creative and fitting the marketing strategy guides
Storytelling and script writing
Concept Art and pre visualizations
Filming photo and video on any type of 360 VR cameras
— Stitching cleanup rotoscoping and any video post production
— 2d shape motion graphics in 360, including 2d character animation for VR/AR/NFT
NFT collections creation
3d characters creating, including modeling rigging texturing animation visualization
3d environment and Metaverse spaces creation for Fortnite, Roblox, Spatial, etc
User interface prototyping and design
— VR AR apps frontend creating using unreal engine, unity, react and babylon
Backend creating and administration
— Creating viral videos of the resulting product and marketing
Gleb Reznichenko
& Creative Director
Now we are working on virtual musicians production center and preparing to release our first non-existent star.
Another direction of our activity is our own AI-powered Digital Avatar as a service, since Digital Avatars looks like a transitional product to metaverses for us.
Natasha Riazantceva
Senior Interactive 3d Artist
Also currently we advise startups and advertising agencies on the creative applications of technology in the Middle East and Southeast.
We also develop product competencies and conduct customer development in the field of digital influencers.
Serafima Avery
CBDO, Digital Human
We look forward to working with you on consulting and development of the Metaverses, cause today there can be nothing newer, more creative and amazing than the creation of the Metaverses,